Kathleen Buob has been a presenter at the following conferences:

  • International Conference on Higher Education (2004). Instituting Adaptive High Technology and Alternate Media Services. Presentation on how higher education in the community colleges are changing regarding assistive/adaptive computer technology, alternate media services and working with learning disabled students in a high tech center computer lab environment.
  • California Association of Post-Secondary Educators of Disability (CAPED) Conference (2004, 2005, 2008, 2010). Alternate Media in the 21st Century. Presentation on how Alternate Media Centers at the Community Colleges provide services to students with various disability accommodation needs. These services allow students access to instructional material on an equal basis as the non-disabled population. Provided new ways to have captioning while presentation is in session (i.e. remote captioning and use of CCC Confer).
  • Technology, Reading & Learning Disabilities Conference (TRLD) (2003). Panel Presentation-Learning Strategies and Technology for Success Of Students with Learning Disabilities. Presentation on types of computer programs that lead to success, demonstrated methods for classroom/independent work, and discussed combined use of strategies/technology that helps advance learning and beyond. Program discussed: Kurzweil 3000.
  • CSU Northridge (CSUN) International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference (2010, 2011) Using Accessible Course Material. Presentation how important it is for faculty to have course curriculum material in alternate media formats ready before each semester/quarter for students with special needs. Discussion about use of the alternate media centers on campuses to produce the necessary alternate media materials for students, how faculty can make alternate media themselves as they make course curriculum and how to get the material on blackboard for easy access…


Kathleen Buob is an active participant in the following conferences:

AHEAD (Association on Higher Education and Disability) Conference (every July)This is an image of AHEAD logo