ReadPlease 2003

by: ReadPlease Corporation

” Reads any text you see on your screen – all purpose text-to-speech software.”ReadPlease

ReadPlease 2003: Free text-to-speech software for Windows®. Text can be copied from a text or word processing document, pasted into the ReadPlease application and can be read to the user. (There is also a ReadPlease Plus 2003 version available a fee. Buob Computer Training and Consulting has Read Please Plus 2003 available.)

Read Please Features:

    • Microsoft voices: Mike, Mary, Sam
    • Customize font and background color
    • Reads text via Windows clipboard from any program (copy/paste)
    • Control reading from system tray
    • Reads e-mail emoticons such as 🙂 or 🙁
    • Adjustable voice speed (rate)
    • Low vision color option
    • ReadPlease Enable your website
    • Plus version only features:
    • Low vision large controls option
    • Fast forward and backward
    • Highlights text while reading
    • Dock Mode – will dock at the top of the screen
    • Add your own words and pronunciations
    • Play can start anywhere in a document
    • Adjustable pause between paragraphs
    • Hot-key controls for all functions
    • AT&T Natural Voices compatible
    • More languages (Lernout & Hauspie Voices) [ReadPlease voices downloads]

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