Magnifier/Screen Reader or Magnifier (only)

by: Ai Squared from Synapse Adaptive

ZoomText Magnifier / Screen Reader:
All the magnification power of ZoomText plus complete screen reading, automatic document reading, full Internet accessibility, text navigation, typing echo, mouse echo, and special application support.

ZoomText Magnifier features:

  • Magnification: Fractional zoom levels up to 16x
  • 7 Zoom window types: Full, Overlay, Lens, Line and four Docked positions.
  • Zoom window adjust: windows can be sized and/or moved to occupy a different portion of the screen
  • Zoom window freeze: freeze a window while viewing others
  • Color Enhancements: improve screen clarity for reduced eyestrain and easier viewing.
  • Pointer Enhancements: easier pointer location and tracking
  • Cursor Enhancements: easier to follow cursors
  • Desktop Finder: find and launch programs
  • Web Finder: helps you find web page links and controls
  • All-Color Smoothing: smoothes all text, regardless of color
  • Zoom Window View: shows area of screen being magnified
  • Smooth Navigation options: makes it easier to explore the screenThis is an image of ZoomText software