For Individuals or Small Business:

Basic Computer Training

  • Learn Basic Computer Technology Skills, such as the operating system for the PC or Mac.
  • Learn the tips and tricks of MS Word and PowerPoint.
  • Learn how to improve the use and efficiency of the current software on the market and in the work place.
  • Learn how to use a Mac or PC computer or laptop.
  • Learn how to use your current peripherals.
  • Learn how to choose software applications to meet your needs.


Assistive Technology Training

  • Train to utilize assistive applications such as Dragon Naturally Speaking(PC) or Dragon Dictate (Mac) for voice recognition software, document screen readers (Kurzweil 3000, OpenBook or Read & Write Gold) and screen magnification (ZoomText or WindowEyes).
  • Training on computer applications, such as Inspiration (brain storming ideas), and auditory CDs or Electronic Text (E-text).
  • Learning Disability strategies and Computer Aided Instruction to strengthen cognitive and academic areas of learning.
  • Training on specialized software or hardware by appointment.
  • Evaluation of individual needs for computer training or specialized training for combination of applications.


Business and Internet Computer Training

  • Computer training on basic functions for various business applications, such as MS Office Professional.
  • Developing templates for specific needs; personal, community, or on the job.
  • Training on Internet, search engines and email. Learn to access the Internet, e-mail, put attachments with your e-mail messages, download and upload information off the internet.
  • Customized training on your company website intranet applications.
  • Job Development in areas of cover letter, resume writing, on-line job searches, and mock interview practices to re-enter the job market.